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Food Services, Inc - food distributor skagit county and whatcom countyOur Products

Food Service, Inc. is committed to developing, supporting, and maintaining local quality brands and successful branded foodservice programs. Delivering consumers the brands they have grown to love and trust is important. You can depend on us for quality products, innovative new items and successful support; including rebates, menu ideas, serving suggestions, point of sale and more.

Food Services, Inc. has what you want!

Food Services, Inc. stocks a vast array of products but in the event you need something we do not stock our sales staff is empowered to get it on your timeframe. Food Services, Inc. is there for you with products and people that work!

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Product Categories

Deli Meats & Cheese
Dairy Products
Ethnic Foods
Soups & Entrees
Frozen Potato Products
Ice Cream & Fountain Supplies
Dressing, Sauces, Pickles & Onions
Canned Goods
Pasta & Dried Beans
Flour & Baking Mixes
Shortening & Oils
Spices & Nuts
Syrups & Jellies
Crackers, Chips & Snacks
Produce & Prepared Salads
Napkins, Towels & Tissues
Carry-Out Supplies
Foil, Film & Liners
Dish Machine Program & Supplies
Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals

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A sampling of the brands that we carry:

a1_steak_sauceadvance_foods_white AdvancePierre_white AEP-logo  AngeliaMia athenos auburn dairy2 award_cuisine_white azarbaked_lays_chips bargreen_coffee Baron_Food Basic American_Food Birdseye_food Black Mtn logo Bobs_redmill_grains bosco_pizza brakebush_foods bridgford_foodCampbells chef mate 1 chemmark 1 chiquita Chudleighs coca-cola-logo companions_food ConAgra1 continental mills cool whip custom_culinaryDailys Dairy Fresh  darigold Dart_food dawn_food_logo del_monte_foods dole_pineapples Dr Pepper Snapple DrPepper Duro_bags FlowersFoodsFoxy franks_red_hot Frenchs Frito LayGarden Burger General MillsGeorgia Pacific   grey poupon Guinness_beer_bratsHandi Foil Heinz Hemplers hershey baking holten_meat hormel_Foods huntsibp IPAP Ivars-logojennie_O jj_snacks  JohnsonvilleKashi Kelloggs Ken's_steaks Kerry Foods Kettle-Brand kikkoman Kings_Command Kraft_Foods krusteazLambWeston land o lakes LBA libbys lyonsmars mccainfoods McCormick McIlhenny_tabasco Medallion_Foods michael-foods Michigan_Turkey minors_foods miss vickies mister_t Mottsnathans nestles norpac-foods nugget_foods ocean_spray ok_foods Oregon_Cherry otis_spunkmeyer  Pactivepam_spray PanaPesca parway tryson PepsicoLogo Pilgrims-Pride-FS Pinnacle-Foods portion pac Pringles_Chips Purely_Idaho_PotatoesRalcorp_baked_goods rays_meats reesers_foods reynolds_packaging Richs_foods rizzuto rods_refrigerated roldgold Rose_Packing roses_lime_juice Rubbermaid_Commercial_Products ruiz_mexican_foodSaputos_foods sara_lee_foods SCASchwan seawatch_foods signature_breadsSolo CupTA productstaylor farmsthick_juicy_beef tillamook Tims_snacks tradex treetop_juice trident_seafood Tularee_Growers Tysonventura_foodswesson Windsor_foodsyoplait_yogurtsZatarains